24 hour Database Backup

Database Backup 24 hour Service

24 hour Offsite Database Backup Services

If you run regularly scheduled maintenance and need an assurance that your critical data is within an hours backup - this is the service for you. We back up on the hour to your server space and to our local desktop for maximum security.

Although most hosts backup nightly to tape (and lunawebhosting is no exception) this only ensures that critical operating system applications, software and the most recent backup (usually 24 hours) will be restored. Host backups do not ensure daily changes in your websites will be maintained.

Rest easy knowing your data is safe and should a malfunction occur with your website or even our server - a backup copy will still be available. Backups of the last 5 hours of data will be held while past data will be purged. There is no charge to restore your data. This service comes with database restoration support. We will restore your data if necessary for no additional charge up to 5 times in a single month.

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