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LUNA Tip: Beware of low priced or "cheap" hosting plans that guarantee uptime and unlimited bandwidth or hard drive space.

This is impossible to do with shared hosting because you share the server with other companies and no hosting company can stay in business with "unlimited".

If one hosting customer uses all the disk space - many times the hosting company will cancel the account without explanation.

Hosting Plans

Business Hosting Comparison

Not all hosting plans are the same. Many "cheap" hosting plans cater to hobby websites, family websites or others who are not relying on their website for business purposes.

We focus on hosting real businesses who cannot afford to lose their website content, who need friendly customer service and who understand the importance of reliability and secure data centers.

Many hosting companies promise "unlimited" bandwidth, storage and email - but cannot actually commit to such resources. We call this the "bait and switch" of hosting companies.

We've seen many businesses get "kicked off" of their hosting accounts once they start using the resources that are promised to them. This often happens when a customer begins to engage in email campaigns or begins to upload a lot of content. It's not that the hosting company will not allocate the storage space, they will limit your CPU usage (which happens to be required to upload a lot of data or send many emails at once). This has happened to several of our own clients before they switched to our reliable business hosting. So which Hosting Plan is right for me? We've explained the differences in business hosting plans

Small Business

This plan caters to small businesses whose websites range typically from 5-15 pages. These are what we call static or informational websites with very little dyanamic or database driven content.

Intermediate / Hosted Applications

The Intermediate plan caters to small and medium size businesses with larger websites that may range from 10 - 15 plus pages. Other indicators that show a need for this plan include requirements for ecommerce or real time credit card processing, hosted software solutions like a CMS (content management system), CRM, online accounting system, secure private data or others with small databases, etc.


The Enterprise plan caters to businesses with dynamic websites who require more attention to bandwidth resources, multiple users with secure logins and often who also requere a dedicated IP address. This helps in securing an SSL certificate for shopping carts and e-commerce. Beginning social media websites without a large user base that plan to grow will benefit from this plan. In addition, robust hosted solutions such as custom programming with database interaction, feature rich content management systems, streaming audio, flash or video will start out well on this plan.

Dedicated Servers

For businesses who have outgrown their shared hosting environment or who want to be able to configure their server with custom modification - a managed dedicated server will work well. This is also for large dynamic feature rich websites where sharing hosting with another organization is not sufficient. Dedicated servers allow high traffic, large memory usage, expanded hard drive usage and CPU resources without having to share with other clients.

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