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Offsite Database Backup Services

Give yourself the piece of mind that your mission critical databases are automatically backed up to an offsite location.

Completely Automated
Our offsite backup system is completely automated, so you never need to remember to backup or take tapes offsite.

Cross Platform
Backup clients can be Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X or Linux.

Encrypted Network Traffic
All network traffic between your database server and our backup server is encrypted.

Database Backups Emailed to your Inbox
At your request - we will automatically send you a copy of your database backup to your email box.

Why take the risk of losing your important and valuable data? Luna offers bi-monthly, weekly, or daily database backup and recovery plans. Have confidence and assurance knowing that your site is recoverable from any unforeseen disasters.

On a daily, weekly or bi-weekly schedule, we will download and burn to CD your database software, customizations, your templates, and, most importantly, will take a complete snapshot of your entire database.

If your site should need to be restored, simply ask your lunawebhosting engineer for a complete recovery and be up and running again in just a few minutes!

Important Note:  Before placing an order for backup services, we must first consult with you to make proper setup arrangements.  Please contact us BEFORE you place an order

SKU Description Price Detail
24-7 Hourly Database Back Up Service $ 249.99 More Info
WEEK30 Weekly Back Up Service $ 59.99
DAY30 Daily Back Up Service $ 149.99
BAKSTP Back Up Service Setup $ 99.99